Neighbor to Neighbor

Neighborhood skyline at sunset, with the words "A Week of Dedicated Connection in Our Communities" in the sky.

September 17 – 25, 2022*
*While the official dates are 9/17-9/25, feel free to host your connection event anytime during the month of September or early October.

What is Neighbor to Neighbor?
Neighbor to Neighbor is a week of dedicated connection in our communities.

Why promote a week of connection?
For most of us, our relationships have become increasingly insular and limited over the last several years, and we know that social connectedness is a critically important component of civic health.  Through Neighbor to Neighbor, we aim to connect small groups of people who already know each other with other small groups, who they don’t know or don’t know well, to do something together that they all enjoy. Participants can create art, play sports, volunteer, share a meal, have a conversation, or take a walk.

How can I get involved?

  1. Sign up to receive emails and updates about Neighbor to Neighbor week.
  2. Let us know you’re participating by filling out the Host Signup Form.
  3. Plan your connection event and invite participation.
  4. After the event, complete the Post-event Report. In the report form, you will be asked to include the number of attendees, how your event supported connections, outcomes of your event, quotes from participants, and photos.

Who established Neighbor to Neighbor?
Neighbor to Neighbor is an action of the Wisconsin Civic Health Initiative. The goal is to strengthen and catalyze civic engagement efforts across Wisconsin. The 2022 project is led by Andrea Bernstein, Milwaukee Jewish Federation, Rachel Peller, Wisconsin Partners, and Sarah Schlosser, UW-Madison Division of Extension, with feedback and support from Dr. Audrey Robinson (UW Eau Claire), Katie McMullen (United Way of Wisconsin), Sherry Machones (WI Library Association), and the team at the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies.

Two children at sunset holding up puzzle pieces, with the word PLAY below.
Blue puzzle pieces with a white heart held by a hand, and the word SERVE at the bottom.
Tray of sandwiches cut into puzzle pieces with the word EAT at the bottom.

COMING SOON! Resources to support you and your organization in hosting a connection event.

As organizations and individuals sign up to host events we will add them to this list.

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