Real Colors® Workshops

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Extension assists leaders as they strengthen relationships and improve organizational performance.

Have you ever wondered why colleagues regularly show up late to meetings? Why your team members can’t seem to agree on priorities? Or why your communication isn’t resonating with others? It might be because you all hear and act on information through the lens of your unique personality type.

Through fun, interactive workshops participants learn easy-to-apply skills for understanding human behavior. Real Colors® can help you improve and enhance relationships, build a stronger team, and increase organizational performance.

When you work with Extension to bring a Real Colors® workshop to your organization, business, or local government unit, you and your colleagues will increase your ability to

  • recognize your strengths.
  • recognize the strengths of others.
  • build rapport quickly with others.
  • understand how others process information.
  • modify your communication to connect with others.
  • draw on the strengths of team members to accomplish shared goals.

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Availability of educators may depend on scheduling and geographic distance.

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