Advancing Equity
Extension works with community leaders to remove institutional barriers, create inclusive organizations and ensure equitable opportunity for people who have been traditionally underrepresented.

Facilitating Community Conversations
Extension educators help communities hold conversations about important issues, identify a shared vision for their future and engage residents. We work with community partners to ensure every voice is heard.

Informed Decision-Making
We assist leaders and community members in gathering information and applying that information to make decisions that lead to stronger, healthier neighborhoods, organizations and communities.

Leading in Times of Change
Extension educators prepare leaders to navigate challenging times and evolving circumstances. Change can occur unexpectedly, as with a natural disaster or the closing of a major employer. Trends like an aging population or a decline in community volunteerism can drive change that is anticipated and planned for. Social, economic or other change may even be welcomed.

Organizational Effectiveness
Extension works alongside leaders as they strive to strengthen their organizations. Educators across Wisconsin provide coalition, nonprofit, government and private-sector leaders with tools that help them assess opportunities and challenges, engage in planning, create healthy workplaces, and evaluate the impact of their work.

Relationship Building
Extension helps leaders and community members build strong, trust-based relationships that serve as the foundation for working together to achieve neighborhood, organizational and community goals.

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